What is Agility?

In agility, the dog carries out a trail of various obstacles in the prescribed order without error and as quickly as possible. The handler can give the dog directions with voice and gestures while walking the course. The obstacles used in a race are known to the dog and handler, but the order in which the obstacles are taken should not be. Depending on the level of the combinations, the judge sets the obstacles to each contest in another challenging sequence. Before commencement of a match, the handlers get a few minutes to explore the trail (without dog).

Agility timeplan

9:00 Vet check

09.45 Course walk jumping 1

10.00 First start jumping 1

After that: jumping 2 Jumping 3

Agility 1

Agility 2

Agility 3

Final (agility) 1

Final (agility) 2

Final (agility) 3

8 min course walk between every class To qualify to the final you need at least one result from the jumping- or agility class.

Meet the jugdes

Judge: Magne Alden

Not to mention my age, but I have judged agility since the year 2000, which means 22 years as a national judge and then also an international judge.

I have judged the Swedish Championships several times, both as a judge and a chief judge, and been a contact field judge at the FCI world cup.

In addition to judging, I have competed successfully with my Australian Shepherd. Now I mainly hold courses and judge.

I find it is important to know and follow the rules so that I can judge correctly and impartially.

I love to see good agility on exciting courses that provides challenges to the competitors and where there are many different solutions for the different participants.


Agility Field