You will find the rules for participating here.

Registration will open 7 january 2022.

Final date to register is 8 april 2022. 

Please read the rules for participating (you find them here) and the instructions for registration before you register! 

To register for the World Championship and World Cup, please fill in the form below. Make sure you fill in all mandatory fields in the form. When you have successfully filled out the form, press send and you will get a confirmation directly on the screen. You will not get any e-mail that confirms your registration and/or payment. 

Important: You have to attach a copy of your dog's pedigree to your registration. This is a requirement from the Swedish Kennel Club for them to register the results from the competition.  

When you have sent in your registration through the form, send your payment to: 

PG: 190 95 21-5

IBAN: SE19 9500 0099 6026 1909 5215

Swift code: NDEASESS


Reference payment with: Handlers first and last name

Registration fees: 

  • IGP class 1-3: 60€ or 600 SEK. 
  • Mondioring category 1-3: 60€ or 600 SEK. 
  • Obidience beginners class: 30€, class 1-3: 60€ or 600 SEK. 
  • Agility class 1-3: 40€ or 400 SEK. 

Your registration is complete when you have filled out the form, e-mailed the pedigree and made the payment. 

You have to send in separate registrations and payments for each dog and/or sport, if you intend to participate with the same dog in different sports or if you intend to participate with more than one dog (please read the rules of participating before you register to more than one sport). 

After the final date to register has passed you will receive a PM with detailed information about the competition. 

Your registration is binding. We only refund the registration fee if the event is canceled or upon presentation of a veterinary or medical certificate.

If you are competing with a dog not registered with the Swedish Kennel club please send us a copy of your dogs registration papers to


When your registration is complete and you have filled out the form and we have registered your payment and e-mail with the pedigree (not necessary for Swedish dogs) your entry will be shown here.