What is Mondoioring?

Mondioring is a sport that consists  of three different parts to be executed by a dog/handler team. The different parts are obedience, jumping and protection. Its goal is to be entertaining for the spectators, a game of progressive difficulties for the participants, and a competitive sport for the training enthusiasts. The dog and handler compete in three different diffeculties where cat 1 is the lowest and cat 3 is the higest.


The theme is Swedish Midsommar

Meet the jugde

Emma Svensson

I have been training and competing in dog sports since I was 13 years old. The breeds that I have had is miniature and Giant Schnauzer, German Hunting terrier, East Siberian Laika, German Shepherd. Got my first Malinois 2002 and are now on my number sixth.

I started with mondioring 2003 with my Malinois female Blackneck’s Xa.

We participated in following Mondioring World Championships 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and FMBB 2009, 2010. Also participated in Swedish Championship IPO 2009.

My recently retired Malinois male Magic van de Berlex-However I have participated in following Mondioring World Championships 2016 MR1, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and FMBB 2017 MR2, 2018 and 2019 And also has IGP 2.

Now I have a young male, The Eagle van de Berlex-Hoeve, 1,5 year old who will be my next partner in crime!

I became a USMRA Mondioring judge 2014 and when moving back to Sweden 2014 I became a European judge. I have judged in Sweden, USA, Philippines, Czech Republic and Israel.

Looking forward to judge my first Dutch Shepherd Championship and hope all of you will enjoy nice weather and dogs in Sweden!

Meet the decoys

Decoy: Lauri Impiö

Hello! My name is Lauri Impiö and I come from Finland. I have worked as a decoy in Mondioring competitions since 2010. During these years I have worked in about 50 competitions, for example in several Finnish Championships and also at the FMBB in 2014. My own dog is already retired from the sport but as a dog handler I have participated in three World Championships in Mondioring and I am still the reigning Finnish Champion. I am honored to be invited as one of the decoys to your World Championships! Best of luck to all of the competitors, see you in Sweden!

Decoy: Jesper 

Hi. My name is Jesper and the passion for training dogs started in 2006 when i was working as a doghandler in the Swedish airforce. A few years later i saw mondioring for the first time and was hooked. I have been decoying competitions since 2014 and look forward to meet you all for a great time in this upcomming event!

Decoy: Roy Mander

Hi. My name is Roy Manders and I'm from the Netherlands. I started training mondioring 3 years ago. I became a recognized international helper last year and I recently was a decoy at the Belgian Championships. I find enjoyment in beeing apart of international mondioring competitions. It is fun and especially getting to know new people (friends) is very nice. I wish all the competitors good luck!

Mondiorings arena